Thrifty Tips and Tricks

*The following is info I’ve mostly found from other various sources and wanted to share.

Use 30% less ink, with a new font!

Save money by switching your font to Century Gothic, it has thinner lines. Based on research @ the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. The average family who uses six black and six color cartridges per year can save at least $80 in savings!

Save on shampoo & lotion, with a rubber band!

Push the pump all the way down on the bottle, and you’ll get at least twice what you need.  To save wrap a rubber band around the neck of the pump’s stem several times to prevent it from depressing all the way down.  You’ll still get the product you need, and it will last twice as long, saving up to $30 a year.

Use 20% less toilet paper, with a squeeze!

Are the kids, or maybe the spouse, using too much? Simply squeeze the roll to flatten the tube. Once it’s no longer round, it won’t spin as easily and great lengths won’t automatically roll out! This can save you two or more rolls each week, and $100 or more in savings, depending on the size of your family.  It can also reduce the risk of costly plumbing problems!

Save $200 a year on liquid soap, with a simple switch!

Instead of buying pricey refills in pretty bottles, pump two squirts of dishwashing soap, like Palmolive or Joy, into the empty bottle, add tap water and shake. Today’s dishwashing liquids are powerful, they can get your hands clean and are loaded with skin softeners.

Save BIG on sales tax holidays!

Before you shop, check out the 2010 sales tax holiday calendar to pinpoint which days your state, or one nearby, is making items sales tax exempt!

Fabric Softener Tip:

Add vinegar to rinse cycle instead of using fabric softener. Works great. Removes residue and odors. Also helps to keep washing machine and hoses fresh and clean too.

Natural Remedy for Ants

Sprinkle pantry shelves, window sills, and door sills with a mixture of red pepper and sage to rid them of ants.

Ways to make extra $$$ online

Voice your opinion via online surveys: or American Consumer Opinion

Can pay anywhere from $1 up to $200

Be a “spy”!

Have a keen eye for fashion? will pay you to mystery shop

Are you a “foodie”? Try, which hires folks to evaluate eateries!

Write a blog!

Sites like, and connect companies with bloggers, offering rewards (even cash!) for honest reviews.


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